The Good Design Award winners were announced last month and there are plenty of great ideas to take in — make sure to check out the GDA website to browse through all of the new ideas.

One of our favorites has to be Colorworks' Magnet Paint. Part of a line called Paint+, which includes Kakeru Paint (paint that can be drawn on with chalk), Magnet Paint can turn any wall or paintable surface into a magnet board. So if you run out of fridge-door space, you can start sticking notes to the wall.

Designed by Natsumi Aizawaou, the base coat of Magnet Paint contains metal particles, which allows magnets to attach to the surface. A 0.5-liter can of basecoat costs ¥5,900 and the top coat, which comes in a range of seven colors cost ¥1,200 for a 0.2-liter pot. They can all be purchased directly from the Colorworks website.