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Purifying plant power

The Airleaf Mini is an interesting product that makes use of your fan or air conditioner. It contains little beads filled with oils extracted from fir trees, which purifies air as it’s blown through by cutting down the carbon dioxide and restricting production of oxygen radicals.

And that cute little plant motif is more than just for show: The height of the stem is adjustable — the taller it is, the higher the level of purification.

Produced by Nendo for Mikuni, a maker of purifying goods, the Airleaf Mini is refillable, designed to clip onto fans, vents and air-conditioners, comes in green or pink and costs ¥698.

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The whole world in your hands

Why take a map on your next trip when you can take an entire globe?

Geografia’s Earth in the Pocket is a foldable globe that packs neatly in a small plastic case. When flat, it’s the size of a luggage label, so you can hang it from your suitcase. When refold it into a box, it becomes a polyhedron of the world. There are three designs, so you can see where you are in terms of countries, timezones, or climate.

We’ve been fans of Geografia’s paper globes for a while now, and Earth in the Pocket is the first version designed to travel. Each one costs ¥1,890 and they can be found in most Tokyo select shops.


Bath-cleaning made easy

We products by Tidy — they may not be groundbreaking or earth-shattering, but they are great for their simplicity and always useful. And, not only do they look right but they are also priced right.

Tidy’s latest offering is the BathSponge, an implement that aims to make cleaning the bath less of a chore by eliminating the need to get down on your hands and knees.

Equipped with a long handle, it also lets you wipe grime from all sides of the bath without having to stretch your arms. The handle adapts to the angle you use, with the sponge swiveling as it moves along curves.

Extra sponges are available for ¥399, and the BathSponge itself sells for ¥1,575. Produced in conjunction with H Concept, it can be purchased from that company’s Koncent online store.

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One dish that does it all

Who needs Tupperware when there’s Narumi’s Osoro “open tableware system”?

Each dish in this lineup of ceramic containers can be sealed shut with a special silicone lid, or combined with another using silicone “connectors.”

Since the containers are freezable and microwaveable, you can store food, heat it and eat it — all while using the same dish. The seal is also airtight, so you won’t even need cellophane.

The Osoro collection comes in a variety of shapes (square, round, oblong) and sizes, so stacking, combining and storing containers is easy, and the lids/connectors are available in seven colors. The lineup is set to go on sale in September and prices range from ¥735 to ¥3,675.


Serving up some Yum Yum Yummy

If your kids seem to have trouble concentrating on their food at meal times, Miyama’s Yum Yum Yummy could come in handy .

This kids’ crockery set is not only microwavable and dishwasher safe, but it’s beautifully designed. The plate is house-shaped and partitioned into “rooms,” the rice bowl and mug are suitably sturdy, and the set is completed with an easy-to-grip wooden spoon and fork.

We like it so much that we see big kids (like us) using it as well.

The Yum Yum Yummy set is priced at ¥4,200 and is available online through the Caina online store. The plate, mug and bowl can also be purchased separately.

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