Konami’s new dating simulation game “Love Plus” is so realistic that some users’ wives are getting the hump. The game allows you to interact with girls in real time, going out on dates and making plans together for the future.

The “Love Plus” Web site has a sample video clip showing a simpering girl asking her boyfriend what he thinks about the idea of her getting a new haircut. But the game isn’t all hearts and flowers, though. You can seriously cheese off your girlfriend with something insensitive like, “I didn’t want to say anything, but you really needed to do something about those split ends.” Some bemused users feel that their digital girlfriends are just too difficult to read. One Amazon reviewer of the game compared the experience of preparing to make his move, by touching his date with the DS stylus, with “playing Minesweeper.”

Online opinions are getting heated about the game. “We’ll definitely have luck together as a couple. Thank you so much Konami,” wrote one passionate fan on Amazon. While jilted wives are getting really riled up, Tokyo Mango reports on a Japanese article in IT Media that one married man is sleeping with “Love Plus” by his pillow and another takes the game into the bath with him. Discussion boards have been abuzz with the question of whether playing these games constitutes cheating.

If you’re not playing the game to escape from the wife but are genuinely interested in learning how to court a girl, then you might even be able to transfer your newly acquired dating skills to the real world. Just try to remember that if you touch your flesh-and-blood girlfriend inappropriately you won’t be able to go back to the last save point.

It’s game over, for real.

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