Koshu Morioka, 75, is the founder of the Japan Graphologist Association and the nation's foremost authority on the study and analysis of handwriting. Morioka started out as a psychologist, until his love of calligraphy eventually drew him to graphology. In his illustrious 30-year career, he has examined the handwriting of more than 60,000 people. His well-trained eyes not only read what is written on the lines, they see what is between them, too. Convinced that writing even one character or letter better improves one's life, Morioka dedicates his to helping people discover the healing power of graphology, word by word, one stroke at a time.

Be good to yourself so you can be nicer to others, too. Once a day, write your name slowly, politely, gently, just for yourself. Dedicate a little time to yourself, and I am sure it will help you be more giving to others.

Don't be fooled by looks. Whether your writing looks beautiful or not, it doesn't matter. The way gorgeous women can be unkind, pretty letters can spell out trouble, too.