Twitter is the Web site and service on a lot of lips in the technology world right now. It is a service that serves one very simple function by letting its users answer a simple question, "What are you doing now?" Users then subscribe to these answers by "following" the accounts of other users. The result is a stream of microblogs that paint a picture of the small things in people's lives that are often overlooked on the Internet.

The charm of the service is the simplicity, the growth can be seen in the vast number of uses from third-party Web sites integrating with the information and the constant stream of updates from its passionate user base.

Before April 22, the service was only available in English, but that didn't stop a fanatically passionate user base in Japan from building. In early 2008, Twitter partnered with Digital Garage to start working on a Japanese version of the service to make it easier for the Japanese user base to access.