Great design ideas do not necessarily need to cost an arm and a leg -- even though some manufacturers would like you to think so. With that in mind, this month's picks are a grab bag of affordable products, all under 10,000 yen (the small version of the Oblong clock excepted). Also, you should be able to find most of them online at the Caina design store (

Kyouei -- or rather designer Kouichi Okamoto -- keeps adding to his already impressive collection of innovative works. Still early in his career, he continues to play around with -- and turn upside down -- many conventions, consistently entertaining with the finished product. His booth at the Designboom Mart during last year's 100% Design Tokyo fair packed in the crowds, and the last few months have seen him busier than usual, with the launch of a few new products. His fascination for light continues in the form of the Chandelier Bulb and Connection Lamp, and then moves on to household accessories with a couple of vases (the polypropylene Kaki vase and the Ha Na Ta Te flower stand). My favorite? The Frame Napkin -- "Stain is art!" -- a very simple idea that should go over great at dinner parties. Kyouei products are available in select shops throughout Japan.