This month we go freestyle, working with our gut instinct about what we like right now. So whether it's adding a dash of design spice to the kitchen, or taking care of your basic cleaning needs, we guarantee that you'll be keeping house in style.

Is your kitchen area looking a bit drab? Time to spruce things up with a bevy of cool new accessories from Amadana. You're probably well aware of the brand -- the ubiquitousness of all things Amadana is getting to a point where, if we're not mistaken, it's now an unstated rule that every Tokyo select shop must carry at least one Amadana calculator. It's fair to say, even, that no other brand has worked as hard at promoting the idea of cool design. Having conquered other parts of the household, they now turn their attention to the kitchen with what proves to be a rather stylish collection of tools for the foodie. Amadana starts by adding a sense of playfulness -- something not previously associated with the brand -- by way of their Cooking Timer. Acting as some sort of modern take on the traditional hourglass, time gets counted down as specks of Tetris-like shapes slowly make their descent to the bottom of the screen -- finally, video-game chic comes to the kitchen! Like an hourglass, you simply start the whole process again by flipping the timer over. Mix in the slim Cooking Scale, the Electric Pot with rotating base and the compact Citrus Juicer, and you're pretty much assured a kitchen that you'll want to show off. Most of the items come in black or white versions (we're quite partial to the white versions though we do realize that they do dirty up quite a bit faster) and they can be found at design-friendly stores throughout the city, as well as the Amadana shop in Omotesando Hills.