It's the start of a new year and that often means making changes in your life. Want to be an eco-friendly shopper? Looking to make some much needed improvements in the household? Or maybe you just want to make the people around you exhibit signs of envy by sporting some new 2006 gear. Here are a few things to help brighten up the coming year.

When it comes to stylish mobile handsets, we usually covet the latest and greatest (and prettiest) from the AU Design Project, but we'll be the first ones to admit that the new FOMA 902i Series has pulled off quite an attractive feat with its new collection. They still sport the sort of enhancements we've come to expect from 3G phones (videophone functions, enhanced mail, 2-megapixel camera, mobile payment) and then some, and even introduced a new -- albeit a tad gimmicky -- walkie-talkie-like feature, PushTalk.

But face it, in these days of technological parity, it's all about which phone suits your style, and for that, we have a couple of winners. The bright yellow D902i (also in white, black and pink) from Mitsubishi Electric shines with a large 2.8-inch screen, and the non-clam-shell configuration makes for a nice change from the Japanese norm. As for the F902i by Fujitsu, its silver elegance (our pick over the other black, red and gray models) is just the kind of accessory that suits our inner lust for sleekness and beauty.