So, before I inundate you with a slew of new discoveries in the Shibuya-Ebisu-Daikanyama triangle, I must first pay homage to a funky little hole in the wall of seven years' standing -- Enjoy! House. It -- like 2626 (Flo Flo) -- sits within seconds of the Nishi-Ebisu fiveways. I can never make up my mind which of these two bars is my all-time Ebisu favorite, so I usually let my mood decide. If it's bourbon and blues I seek, 2626 wins. But if it's art and an edge that my soul requires, you'll find me at Enjoy! House -- along with Tokyo's next-generation artists, musicians and DJs.

Go-san, the master, is a starchild who fell to Earth from the Galaxy G.O. One look at him is all you need to verify this claim. His wild and woolly fuzz-ball afro hair, big Bootsie Collins-esque bug-eye specs and collection of slippery, slinky loud-on-loud shirts (with optional chain) are definitely out of this world. As is Enjoy! House -- the freestyle chill-out-cum-groove-lounge that he has created.

One does suspect, though, that Galaxy G.O. must be at the other end of a wormhole that links directly to Asia. Enjoy! House's once primary-colored walls (reminiscent of a Nepalese rest stop) were recently replaced with a riot of red (a color closer to home). Where once were tinsel and chiffon are now traditional Japanese red wax-paper parasols shading the entrance and ceiling lights. And where novelty party lights once glowed in rows across the ceiling are now black mock-chains and a United Nations of miniature flags. And gone are the Santana poster and Cleopatra chair that once graced the area in front of the bar. But you will still find the same little velveteen chairs (the kind one usually finds in hostess clubs) hugging tables made intimate by drapes in the lounge area.