www.zingasia.com An Asia travel site that for some reason wants to be a portal. The only other shopping experience on the Net that offers so much to contemplate is Amazon. But looking for vacation possibilities just isn’t the same as browsing through books, and the reams information and suggestions can be a little overwhelming, a little like getting lost in Bangkok’s maze of sois.

www.jun-gifts.com Washi clocks, geta “‘shoes,” T-shirts with your name transliterated and silk-screened in kanji, hankos cheaper than at the neighborhood shops. All the things you thought you’d see every day in Japan until you actually hit Shibuya and realized designers and name brands have taken over the country. Lots of culture tips, too.

www.aint-it-cool-news.com The Internet makes a somebody out of another loud-mouth nobody. This one lives his life vicariously through Hollywood and to help you do the same he posts movie reviews and a few film industry news snippets gleaned from other sites.

www.arcade-4home.com/CheapBastards TokyoAnimeShoppingGuide With an URL like that, what Internet reviewer needs to bother with a description? This actually brings you to a disclaimer page warning that the rest of the site is written by somebody who uses all the words available in the English language, though one gets repeated quite often. Neither does this guide to Tokyo’s backstreet manga shops discriminate against particular genres.

www.asahi-net.or.jp/%7EAD8Y-HYS/index_e.htm OK, the manga guy is a bit of a sicko, so what’s someone who puts The Tokyo Toilet Map on the Net? It can be used as a guide to the clean public stalls — or to the foul ones. And for you nonsquatters, there are some instructions for that coming emergency when you find yourself staring down at a hole in the ground.

www.geocities.com/WallStreet/Exchange/4280 OK, you want something more cerebral? Here’s a thesis on downsizing by a Princeton University economics major who apparently didn’t think he had inflicted enough pain by submitting it only to his professor.

www.mit.edu:8001/afs/athena/user /r/e/rei/www/Anime.html Lots of links to essays on manga by people who actually study this unique Japanese art form, known as comics to the rest of us.

www.inter.co.jp/Baseball/ Here’s a site sports editors could learn something from, once they realize there are other sports than hockey, European soccer and American football. But that may never happen, so for your Japanese baseball statistic needs, check out The Professional Baseball Organization of Japan’s pages. There are also links to the official sites of each of the country’s 12 professional teams themselves, in Japanese.

www.comcentral.com/bush/ Story lines and streaming clips from the upcoming Comedy Central sitcom That’s My Bush, a spoof of the president’s family life.