If Napster is a community of listeners, Thump Radio is a legal-hassle-free community of clubbers, artists and labels, all neatly pulled together by streaming audio shared by all. Lots of opportunities to check out new DJs or established DJs’ new stuff, then tell your friends about it. All genres, and the sounds come over crystal-clear, uninterrupted.

More streaming dance music, but this time from the clubs of the U.K. And sometimes from as far away or close to home as Tokyo. You can either catch a live set or stream an archived gig. And you can stay in touch with the rest of techno’s global village through the site’s listings, news articles, features, video interviews, links and galleries.

Mitomi Tokoto puts an awful lot of love into this bursting online magazine. Not that any of us need an introduction to Tokyo street culture — we stroll through the ever-evolving fashion show every day. But we don’t get to all the hip outposts and we don’t get to see all of the city’s anonymous stars. So Mitomi catalogs them for us and gives us plenty of peeks inside a vibrant club culture that Newsweek tried clueing the rest of the world into a couple weeks back.

How big is Tokyo’s club scene? Check out this massive site, which serves the narrow purpose of selling tickets to a one-off event — a New Year’s Eve party that’s expecting a crowd of 20,000 lunatics at Tokyo Big Site.

So you’ve survived the rave, managed not to fall asleep on the train and arrived in your kitchen with instructions to whip up a batch of chai, because that’s what your friends followed you home for. The Indian spiced milk tea has spawned an emerging subculture all it’s own, and this site, simply titled Chai!, caresses it as gently as Mitomi Tokoto does his. Surf on over and become a connoisseur of the stuff that — at this point in your day — will give you the vitality to crawl on over to your futon and the serenity to dream beautifully on it.

Still more enthusiasts to help you on your way to kicking the double latte habit. But unlike Chai!, Chai Stall has something to sell. It’s product list, like the rest of the site, is short and sweet: chai masala, tea leaves, tea strainer.

If you really want chocolate chai, you could probably just add a little Nestle Quik. Or you could order the instant stuff from Sweet Bay Coffee Co., which also offers spice, raspberry, vanilla and green tea chai.