Shinjuku can be daunting, to say the least. Especially when you are in a group, looking for a place to hang and eat and drink. Where to begin looking can be as problematic as finding a place the whole group can fit. Add the prospect of everyone enjoying good sake, and you might as well throw in the o-shibori.

Well, not quite yet. You do have a couple of options, and one of those is Zonbun, extremely close to JR Shinjuku Station. Zonbun is not quite your typical sake pub; it's a well-done, comfortable space, both unique and functional.

Although you get off the elevator on the seventh floor, you feel as if you are in a well-kept Japanese country home. The interior is a solid, classy and believable reconstruction of post-and-beam architecture, with white, earthen walls and thick, polished wooden posts running the walls and ceiling. Large rooms are sectioned off into smaller private rooms by translucent shoji (removable for larger parties).