NEW DELHI -- "Three things are necessary for a driver: a good horn, good brakes and good luck."

Mohan Kumar, behind the wheel and forcing a way through the heavy traffic of India's capital city, doesn't mention good vision. He stares ahead, and back through his rear-vision mirror. His eyes dart from side to side, watching for and dodging all the vehicles that come ducking and diving and weaving in and out, horns blasting. Cars, buses, trucks, three-wheeler taxis, motorized and pedal bicycles -- all jockey for position on Delhi's thoroughfares.

All are overloaded with people and possessions. Here is a man on a scooter, with a small child in front of him, a sari-clad woman behind him, a baby in her arms and bags hanging and tied on. The scooter proceeds slowly and serenely, and man, woman and children disregard the near misses.