If you’re perfectly happy with your life and yourself, you probably don’t need to read Jikisai Minami’s “It’s Okay Not to Look for the Meaning of Life.” If, however, you’re sometimes troubled by anxiety, stress, relationship issues, self-doubt, fear of death or worries of any kind, this book will help you see your problems in an invigorating new light.

It’s Okay Not to Look for the Meaning of Life, by Jikisai Minami. Translated by Makiko Itoh. 192 pages, TUTTLE PUBLISHING, Wellness.

Minami is the chief priest at Reisenji temple in Fukui Prefecture and acting chief priest at Aomori Prefecture’s Osorezan Bodaiji temple, long considered a portal to the afterlife. He has also written several books on Buddhism. His book “It’s Okay Not to Look for the Meaning of Life,” first published in 2017, is his most popular work to date and the first to be translated into English.