It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I’ve got homework.

In “Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction: Part 1,” the first of two anime films adapting Inio Asano’s manga of the same name, a giant alien mothership plants itself over Tokyo — then proceeds to do very little. Three years later, it’s still hovering overhead with nary a peep.

So while the invaders — or whatever they are — loom, the problems facing Kadode (voiced by Lilas Ikuta) and Ouran (voiced by Ano), the teenage protagonists of “Dededede,” are more quotidian: whether or not to go to university; which boy to date; how to get into the closed beta of that new first-person shooter game. Even during a crisis, life goes on, especially when that crisis stretches on for years. Sound familiar?