Welcome to Pokemon Resort, where you and your adorable pocket monster can indulge in such amenities as the spa, zip-lining and extreme yoga. If that sounds like paradise, then you’re probably in the target demographic for "Pokemon Concierge,” Netflix’s unassuming yet refreshing new stop-motion series.

At just four episodes, none of them longer than 20 minutes, "Pokemon Concierge” may seem like nothing more than a shallow TV confection targeted toward tots. But the series’ instant popularity indicates otherwise. "Pokemon Concierge” is a lovable diversion, but for an older crowd; it’s not quite a confection, but more like comfort food for the modern, anxious millennial.

The show follows Haru, a young woman in need of a change after facing job problems, a breakup and a string of bad luck. She comes up with a practical solution: get on a boat and travel to an island resort to become a concierge to cute lil’ magical battle-pets.