Film production in Japan shut down in early April as part of the response to the outbreak of COVID-19, and as weeks passed with no signs of an immediate revival, filmmakers began to adapt to the situation by making “isolation” films.

Among them is the zombie-comedy "One Cut of the Dead Mission: Remote," a short sequel to Shinichiro Ueda's sleeper hit "One Cut of the Dead" that had all the laughs, energy and charm of the original.

“Shin Godzilla” co-director Shinji Higuchi has now thrown his hat into the ring with “Kaiju Defeat Covid,” an “instructional video” with English subtitles that instructs fans on how to post a video selfie with their favorite kaijū (monster). The idea is to “catch” an invisible monster (Higuchi thoughtfully demonstrates), “magically” fuse it with your own monster and send the now strengthened beast hurling toward the camera (but not, Higuchi reminds us, hitting it) to crush the virus.