“It’s so strange to do this at such an uncertain time as now,” Yumiko Morioka says, though in some ways the reissue of her first and only album, 1987's “Resonance,” couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time.

“Many people who listened to my album told me that my music made them calm and had some soothing effects,” she continues. “So I truly hope that my music can have some effect for the people who are staying at home, feeling sad and worried.”

The calming effect of “Resonance” is immediate. Opening track “Komorebi” begins with a single, reverberating F note — a pebble falling in a pond, with sustain rippling from where the tiny stone broke the surface. As the track progresses, deft flourishes on the piano keys flicker brightly, leaving warm, reverb-laden chords in their wake. A fitting sound for a track whose name roughly translates as “sunlight filtering through trees.”