The average bride-to-be spends the final days before her wedding fretting about seating plans and whether she'll be able to squeeze into her dress, but Naoko (Kumi Takiuchi) decides it's a good time to hook up with an old flame instead.

In the years since they were together, Kenji (Tasuku Emoto) has become an unemployed, deadbeat dad. But Naoko has evidence of his kinky past, in the form of a photo album documenting their carnal escapades in artful monochrome. Her favorite picture shows them posed in a lovers' suicide in front of an aerial shot of Mount Fuji: bodies entwined on the edge of a volcano.

There's a similar air of nihilistic abandon as they become physically reacquainted. It's Naoko's idea at first, but once Kenji gets started, his body doesn't want to stop. After a one-night stand proves inadequate to contain their passions, they opt for a five-day fling instead, interspersed with philosophizing and plenty of food.