Almost a month after the main studio of Kyoto Animation was set on fire, killing 35 and injuring many more, details of the victims are still emerging after police released the names of 10 workers on Aug. 2.

We know so far that Junichi Uda, Yuki Omura, Yuka Kasama, Yoshiji Kigami, Ami Kuriki, Yasuhiro Takemoto, Sachie Tsuda, Futoshi Nishiya, Keisuke Yokota and Mikiko Watanabe were killed as a result of the blaze on July 18, but what else do we know about these victims?

The youngest among them was 22, the oldest was 61. Some were rookies, lucky enough to be starting their careers at one of the most respected animation studios in the nation. Others were well-known by peers and anime fans as respected animators, designers, production managers and directors. None of them, nor any of the other employees who went to work July 18, expected anything other than a normal day, applying their talents to the properties that have earned the studio worldwide acclaim.