After nearly three years of renovations, the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, situated at one end of Kiba Park in Koto Ward, has re-opened its doors with "Weavers of Worlds: A Century of Flux in Japanese Modern/Contemporary Art."

It's an ambitious exhibition that, in order to span an entire century's worth of art, literally runs through the majority of the museum building — with viewers traversing four floors to see the entire show. Allow yourself ample time to make your way through it.

"Weavers of Worlds" posits Japan's 20th-century artists as "weavers," selectively "editing" disparate artistic elements into a chimera-like whole and pursuing individual expression even while absorbing the Western art movements du jour — cubism, dadaism, surrealism, art informel. This act of "editing" a creative vision becomes, in many cases, the motif of the art itself; the executive decisions of what to include — or not — taking on additional significance.