Today's music industry demands a constant churn of new content from artists, whether that be songs or videos or something else that can connect with fans immediately. Yosuke Inoue is understandably taken aback when asked what he and his band, Turntable Films, got up to in the three years since they released their debut album "Yellow Yesterday" — as if they had vanished.

"The speed of how we made music got a little slower," he says. "That's maybe why we looked quiet."

Time is rarely afforded to bands in an environment always seeking the next big thing, but Inoue wanted to find "a new challenge" for Turntable Films' second album, "Small Town Talk," out Nov. 11. Rather than rush something out to stay relevant after its well-received debut, the Kyoto trio took its time creating the 10-song set, building off the folksy pop it has been playing since forming in 2008.