Geki×Cine isn't really film and it isn't theater, but rather an intriguing blend of the two. With geki meaning "stage," and "cine" representing film, the finished productions are shown on the big screen. So are they stage-to-screen adaptations? Most certainly not. More accurately, they are stage plays or musicals on film, shot with cameras coming in so close to the performers you can see the sweat running off their cheeks.

A year ago, Geki×Cine producer Takanobu Kanazawa told The Japan Times: "I used to think TV and film had no idea how to portray stage shows. There was no immediacy or reality. The essence of the stage production and all the juicy bits were lost in translation. I decided there was a lot of room for improvement."

Before becoming the producer, Kanazawa worked for Gekidan Shinkansen, one of Japan's top theater groups. Shinkansen was eager to bring the stage to the movie theater, and to give audiences more opportunities to see and savor their stage productions without compromising the quality of the viewing experience.