After "Breaking Bad" finished its five-year run in 2013, fans mourned the loss of one of the most gripping, innovative TV series they'd ever seen. When the head writer and executive producer of "Breaking Bad," Vince Gilligan, announced that there would be a spinoff series, people had their doubts, but "Better Call Saul" has arrived, and it's just as good. It's actually a prequel, focusing on shifty motormouth attorney Saul Goodman (played by comedian Bob Odenkirk) before he became the criminally connected shyster we came to know and love in "Breaking Bad."

"Saul" is a huge success, with episode one ranked as the highest-rated premiere in the history of American cable programming. So when can we see it in Japan? Local rights-holder Sony Entertainment could not provide a date as to when the series will air here. If Japanese subtitles are not required, you can find it (with a bit of finagling and a foreign credit card) on various overseas paid streaming services — although Netflix seems to be blocking much access from Japan in advance of their fall launch here.

Yet the days in which the studios can take their own sweet time getting product out are disappearing fast, since frustrated fans can go the pirate route and even add their own dodgy subtitles.

"What you want to watch, when you want to watch it" is Hulu's local tag line. It would be nice to see someone provide this service.