'I will never forget you," lovers say to each other. The truth is that sooner or later, almost everyone is forgotten. In fact, many people you've met, from your kindergarten classmates to that sloshed guy at the bar last night, have forgotten you already. If you ran into them on the street today, they might be able to place your face, but probably won't remember your name. That's if you're lucky; most likely they'll just walk on by, oblivious.

That's the dilemma, in extremis, of the heroine of Kei Horie's bittersweet teen romance "Wasurenai to Chikatta Boku ga Ita" ("Forget Me Not"). Third-year high school student Azusa Oribe (Akari Hayami) is cute and vivacious, and nobody — not even her own father — can remember the least little thing about her.

Azusa goes through life constantly reintroducing herself to people, until she is ready to give up on the human race altogether.