Sometimes it can be irritating visiting an exhibition of video-based art. You come in halfway through one of the videos or near the end of another, and you feel that you've missed something and wonder if you should stick around to watch it from the start.

This is something that the London-based, Japanese video artist Hiraki Sawa is very much aware of. Accordingly, the design of his exhibition at the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery is aimed at getting round such problems, providing visitors with an immersive experience where every moment can count, and where you don't necessarily have to stay until the end.

"Under the Box, Beyond the Bounds" is an extension of a show that has just closed at Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA) in the Scottish city of that name. That show was built around a work called "Lenticular" (2013), which the artist made after a visit to Dundee's famous Mills Observatory, the only full-time public astronomical observatory in Britain. "Lenticular" is also one of the main works at this Tokyo exhibition.