In 2008, Toyokazu Nagano, like proud parents do, started taking pictures of his daughters: eating breakfast, playing outdoors — slices of everyday life. However, for each candid and touching image he took, he was vexed by missing another perfect moment, so he decided to take some of the "moment-making" into his own hands.

He also joined Flickr, and soon his creatively composed photographs, from the all-natural to the elaborately staged, began to be passed around art and design blogs. His younger daughter's prop-driven antics on a "magic" farm road are especially eye-catching, and most recently, his "Kiss Me Please Project" has been melting hearts around the Net.

Nagano, who doesn't hesitate to take his self-portrait while sitting on a toilet and wearing a mask shaped like a camera, applied his unique sense of humor to our interview questions as well.