The conceit of this movie is that an entire community and police force refuse to believe the gorgeous Amanda Seyfried when she tells them an abductor and killer of women is in their midst. What is wrong with them? Maybe Seyfried is just too gorgeous to take seriously, what with her perfectly streaked golden hair, the peaches-and-cream hues of her face and her big blue eyes.

Jill (Seyfried) was plucked out of her bed two years ago and thrown in a hole à la “The Silence of the Lambs” — but unlike other victims (whose remains shared her cell), Jill managed to get away by stabbing the kidnapper with a sharp bone. Jill went home, told her story to the police and got them to search for the hole in the local park where she had been kept. They never found it, but dug up the fact that Jill had spent time in a mental hospital when her parents died. Subsequently, they closed the case faster than you can say “cutie-pie goes off the deep end.”

Gone (Find Out)

Then when Jill’s sister Molly (Emily Wickersham) goes missing, Jill suspects the worst and raises hell, only to be ignored. With the elusive hole still unfound and Jill’s hysteria mounting, the police have no trouble shrugging her off again. Or could she be lying? The whole story hangs on Seyfried’s nuanced performance and she delivers, demonstrating how, given the right vehicle, she’s in total control. (K.S.)