Out of more than 130,000 species of insects, bees and wasps are believed to be the most advanced and prosperous due to their diverse lifestyles. They exhibit remarkable sociability, which can be observed in their highly sophisticated communication skills, and display other intricate behaviors, including some surprisingly aggressive instincts.

By showcasing numerous apian specimens and related pictures and videos, this exhibition offers glimpses into the biological mysteries of these common creatures; July 28-Oct. 14.

Osaka Museum of Natural History; (06) 6697-6221; 1-23, Nagai Park, Higashi Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka; Nagai Station, Midosuji Line. 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m. ¥ 500. Closed Mon. www.mus-nh.city.osaka.jp/tokuten/2012hachi/index