Shu Matsuo Post calls himself a feminist, but he wasn't born one. For the first 28 years of his life, he says he never tried to understand what it was like to be a girl or woman in a patriarchal society.

He eventually met his current wife Tina, who taught him that he has been socially conditioned to see things a certain way. She helped him realize he doesn't need to be macho to be a man or follow outdated dating scripts that dictate he has to pay for dinner. He says this has been his feminist awakening.

"The more I learn about gender bias, the more I see it in everyday life," the 35-year-old Tokyo businessman says. "For example, the (necessity for) women-only train cars, the pornography in convenience stores, gender-specific pronouns, fuzoku (sex service) and so on, gender discrimination is everywhere. This discrimination harms us all."