It takes a special person to look past the superficial and see through to the essence, whatever the situation may be. In this case, it’s a 15-year-old beagle named Anzu.

"Nice-natured, exuberant, a bit noisy," is how Anzu is known at the shelter, but we could add "smart." She knows just about every trick in the book — sit, stay, high five — and she rifles through her winning routine with practiced professionalism. Admittedly, Anzu’s no longer the strongest competitor in the looks category but she can tug pretty hard on your heartstrings once you get to know her.

Anzu has a lot of love to give and she’s yearning to get some in return, too. That love can come in the form of walks, afternoon naps and food, especially food. She’s a simple girl who is very sweet, and who is simply looking for someone even sweeter.