There was an incident at a Starbucks last week in which a black man was filmed being irate with a member of staff after apparently being told that the music he was playing was disturbing other customers. A non-Japanese customer recorded the outburst, and the man's interaction with the police soon after, and posted it on Twitter.

It was an ugly scene, no question. The man's language was vulgar — lots of "N," "B" and "F" bombs — and his posture was aggravated, even hostile. People flip out for all kinds of reasons and any criticism on how badly this guy behaved is par for the course. (I'd like to add, though, that the comments below the tweet were even uglier, which may be why the person who posted the altercation deleted the tweet.)

Case closed? Not likely. As in any country that's home to a majority group, I've found that the Japanese have a habit of likening the behavior of one member of a minority to that of the entire group. So, in the long run, my quality of life is liable to be affected by this guy's outburst.