Chapter 1

Franz's sausage roll breakfast at the local Vent de Ludo on Happy Road Oyamadai reminded him of Sundays. Not Japanese Sundays, filled with frantic quests for overcrowded quality time, but German Sundays. It wasn't the sausage. It wasn't even that today actually was Sunday. It was Happy Road. Here, every day felt a bit like a German Sunday. In a good way, to his own surprise.

In Franz's home country, Sundays were generally loathed. The city centers were like ghost towns in spaghetti westerns. You couldn't find a doctor or a repairman unless it was a dire emergency. Everybody was bored out of their wits, longing for the weekend to finally be over. When he still lived there, he used to rant: "State and church are supposed to be separated in this country! How can the state order us to play God and rest on the seventh day?!"