"Let me warn you, I have strong opinions."

Ethan Newton, the 38-year-old proprietor of niche menswear boutique Bryceland's and noted sartorialist, is putting me on notice. He is lounging on a sofa in a coffee shop in Tokyo's Jingumae district, garbed head (Basco Roma beret) to toe (St. Crispin's shoes), in bespoke finery. A double-breasted gray wool Martingala overcoat and navy wool suit from Liverano (Florence), Ascot Chang shirt (Hong Kong), Bryceland's seven-fold tie and Simonnot Godard pocket square (France) complete the ensemble.

As the promised strong opinions pour forth he seems the very embodiment of Gore Vidal's definition of a stylish man: one who knows who he is, what he wants to say and doesn't give a damn.