Dyna and Kohnan were first featured here in January, and it was hoped they would be able to find a home together. That wish came true when Aya Sugimoto found them. "It was love at first sight." Aya (right), pictured here holding Kohnan, is accompanied by her sister-in-law Ayumi Sugimoto (holding Dyna). "From the time I was a child, I wanted my own pet," says Aya. And determined to make it happen, she moved to a pet-friendly apartment in Saitama and began her search.

Dyna and Kohnan got very lucky the day she found them. The two cats have settled in well. They are both sweet, funny and affectionate, but, says Aya, though they are believed to be sisters, they are also very different.

"Dyna is small but very brave, and stands her ground even when there are guests. She's very curious about everything and will even approach people she's never met before. She'll flop down and show her belly, then bounce around like a kitten. She's just adorable."