There is a theory that we all have a twin — that somewhere in the world, maybe even in your own country, there is someone else who looks almost exactly like you. We've all been told before that we look like a person someone knows, or that our mannerisms are so similar to someone else's that it is uncanny. Even some Japanese people look or remind me of friends back home who are not even Asian. Your equal may be the same of heart and mind, not just looks.

As you sit in your air-conditioned office in Tokyo, or somewhere else in the world, working on your computer, checking emails, writing proposals and sending important instant messages, do you ever think about what your twin is doing? Have you been curious as to how tall that person is, how they dress or what age they are? Do you ever wonder if they too like chocolate, Hello Kitty or "Star Wars"? Have you considered that maybe your double lives in Japan? And that you might meet them someday? Well, I have.

In fact, I often wonder what your twin is doing. I'd even bet your doppelganger in Japan is doing the same thing you are, but in a slightly different way. In the same manner that Japan vacillates between the traditional and modern, the way it floats between swells of quietude and electronic bliss, you and your clone do too.