Tyler Parr asks passers-by where they would choose to live on this archipelago if money and jobs were not an issue.

Akiko Tsukui
Engineering assistant, 30 (Japanese)
Okinawa is the best place: warm, the people are nice and it’s a different culture than Japan. They have their own history, music, and they had their own kingdom. I’ve been more than five times — even to the small islands.

Meenu Maharjan
Engineer, 26 (Nepalese)
I want to live in Okinawa because I love the sea — very beautiful and pure. I’ve been there only once. The food is good; they have a special pork dish — delicious. I’d like to go surfing there. I’ve been surfing for one year.

Jonas Holm
PR representative, 27 (Swedish)
Sapporo. I used to study there, so I have friends there. It’s close to nature. Tokyo is everything times 100, but Sapporo has only one of everything, but that’s enough. I went hiking, skateboarding and to onsen (hot springs), swimming in the ocean in summer . . .

Jithin Narayanan
Materials engineer, 27 (Indian)
Yokohama. For an expatriate like me, I can get most of the Indian spices at the grocery market, and also purchase things for normal daily living, clothes and so on. Actually, I have not been to Tokyo, but I can feel in Yokohama that people are kind.

Aya Yanobu
Salesperson, 35 (Japanese)
Hayama (in Kanagawa). There’s lots of nature, the seaside. I borrow a yacht and sail, and some days race near there. It’s a small town with calm, gentle people. The first time I went there with family was when I was 10. I’ve been back many times since.

Andrew Franklin
Math teacher, 31 (American)
I suppose in I would stay where I am in Hiroo, Tokyo. I’d still live there even if I could move. It’s got everything you could possibly need. Shinjuku nearby has great nightlife. Hiroo has safety, peace of mind — can’t imagine a safer place to live.

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