Tokyo: If you could be prime minister for a day, what would you do?

Takanori Kai
Construction engineer, 31 (Japanese)
I’d make companies pay child-care allowance to all workers with children under 6. To boost the birthrate and make the work environment better for women, we should support companies that encourage workers to have children. We are facing an aging population, so it’s important that we make investments in the future.

Araminta Hammond
Decoupeur/teacher, “north of 38” (American)
Fukushima! If we could go back in time, it would be great to initiate cooperation among the entities involved. The we-are-an-island, we-can-handle-this mentality, here and elsewhere, is not able to see the bigger picture. If a nation is offering help, take it, and pride be damned.

Kae Sato
Bar staff, 27 (Japanese)
Given the chance, I would cancel the consumption tax altogether — even if only for one day — because it would give a boost to the economy, and we would see an increase in purchases and spending by way of rush buying. Everyone would be happy and it would boost the economy for a day.

Maek Post
Editor of craft beer magazine, 42 (American)
If I were prime minister for a day, I’d make it easier for craft brewers to start their own brew pubs in Japan and I would legalize home brewing. Craft beer breweries just added $34 billion to the U.S. economy — imagine what it could do for Japan.

Stephannie Mozawa
English teacher, 24 (Japanese)
I would implement English as the means of education, starting from kindergarten. Next, I would prioritize the transition from nuclear power to safer renewable energy sources. Finally, I would increase the benefits for families to encourage couples to have more children.

Naomi Usami
Sales, 34 (Japanese)
I would like to remove the sales tax on beer, as it is far too expensive. If that is not possible, even as prime minister, I would like to use my authority for the day to authorize the importing of more world beers. That should make everyone happy.

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