Tokyo: What do you think of Japan's national broadcaster, NHK?

Kana Nakazato
Car parts sales, 26 (Japanese)

I have no opinion on NHK whatsoever as I really don’t pay too much attention to the NHK channel. I am really not interested in the shows they have on, so for that reason I don’t watch it so much.

Ryuta Sakamoto
Actor, 30 (Japanese)

I like documentaries so I often watch regular NHK and the educational channel, far more than any other channel out there, but I do also like watching entertainment shows on other channels from time to time. And, of course, I pay the NHK bill!

Chris Eeles
School principal, 53 (Australian)

I have watched NHK quite a few times in Australia, where I live, and here in Japan. When I do, I usually watch the news and weather shows, as they are pretty good. I also watch when I am over here with school student-exchange programs.

Shinya Kawaii
Musician, 30 (Japanese)

I have a bad image of NHK as we have to pay money to them and I would prefer to pay only if I watch and not pay if I don’t watch. That said, the shows are OK and I do like the news and science shows — but that’s about it.

Stephanie Hannon
E-commerce, 33 (British)

I don’t have a TV so I don’t watch any TV, to be honest, but I have a positive image of NHK because it is like the BBC in the U.K., which does carry a lot of informative and educational programs.

Shota Abe
Student, 19 (Japanese)

I rarely watch NHK unless there is an earthquake and I want information on what’s happened and where quickly. Aside from that, I never watch the dramas or NHK news as it is a boring channel and I prefer entertainment TV, and that is not NHK!

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