Tokyo: What would you like to be reincarnated as?


Ashwini U
HR professional, 27 (Indian)
I would come back as a bird if I were reincarnated, not as a human. I would fly everywhere and anywhere, far and wide, wherever I wanted with no limits and no restrictions.

Bob Morrison
University teacher, 43 (English)
I’ve never thought about or even considered reincarnation because it is so far from my belief system to think about something like that. I believe we have one life and die — that’s it, no reincarnation.

Cecilia Toh
Consultant, 28 (Singaporean)
I have never really thought about reincarnation as I like to live in the present and this issue is potentially so far away. I really don’t think of things over which I have no control, such as reincarnation.

Masami Ito
Steelworker, 54 (Japanese)
I don’t really have a preference as to whether or not I come back as a man or a woman, but I do know that if born again, I would like to return as a person living on a small, beautiful island in the South Pacific.

Laure Marine Gaillard
Product manager, 25 (French)
I’d like to come back as a bird so I can fly long distances. It doesn’t matter what type, but that would be the perfect form for me as I like to travel, and if I don’t like what I see in a particular place, I can fly away.

Setsuko Watanabe
Housewife, 82 (Japanese)
I’d like to be myself again, as I have been so happy. I loved my husband very much, but when he died that really shocked me. I still have a great family and I know it is a very simple answer, but that’s how I feel.

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  • shinjukuboy

    Like Setsuko, I’ll come back as myself.

  • zengoku

    I would come back as god because I would want to see why things are the way they are! ;)