Tokyo: How would you describe Roppongi in one word?


Hiroyuki Kadota, 32
Nursery school teacher (Japanese)
“Roadworks.” When I was a lot younger I went there, and I don’t have a great memory of that time because it was all roadworks, everywhere you look. And later, when a little older, when I went into bars I was just scared and don’t remember much.

Aya Fujigamori, 21
Tourism student (Japanese)
One word for Roppongi: “crazy.” Not in the daytime but definitely after dark. Anything could happen in Roppongi. It always has the potential to be fun, but the possibility is also there for danger too, so I go in a big group of friends, usually eight to 10 of us.

Olivier Queneutte, 34
Translator (French)
“Schizophrenic” would be my word of choice. For want of a better word to qualify the hybrid place Roppongi is — something between Ginza and Kabukicho — it is like two sides of the same brain ignoring each other. Not a place I often choose to go to.

Natsumi Suzuki, 26
Chef (Japanese)
“Schizophrenic.” Roppongi is a place with no single personality. It has two — or more — sides. It is multi-faced in so many ways. By daylight and after dark are so different. It is a great place to go and a dangerous place to go, depending on when you visit.

Munenori Shimizu, 29
Property manager (Japanese)
“Nightlife.” It’s an exciting place after dark because it’s home to many great restaurants, bars and nightclubs. It’s full of illuminations year-round, and becomes so much more beautiful at night than in the daylight hours.

Laurel Stine, 17
Student (American)
“Pockets.” Roppongi is a jumble of pockets, with something different going on in each one. All in different sections, some small and some not, and Roppongi being Roppongi, there are of pockets in which the activities are not really what you would like to see.

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  • FOBs.

    Often literally, depending on what’s docked at Yokosuka.

  • Bitherwack


  • Jeffrey


    “Back in the day . . , ” before the rest of the city came alive, Roppongi was the best semi-legal night life you could have. Now after dark it’s to be avoided.

  • Justin Lindsay

    SAD.. comes to mind

  • leaf

    two out of six people chose schizophrenic?? what are the odds!

  • Thaddeus Stone

    Obi-Wan Kenobi put it best: “A hive of scum and villainy”