Here is a dumb thing you should never do: watch the 007 caper "You Only Live Twice" with your feminist American girlfriend — a woman of color to boot. In a series renowned for its sexism, the Japan entry takes the biscuit.

My date night was first upset as Bond is massaged in a bathhouse by Aki, an improbably svelte and doe-eyed assistant, who whispers that she will enjoy very much "serving under" him. The feminist girlfriend, adorable if not exactly svelte, emits a derisive snort. "What is she — a slave?"

When Bond and another "sexiful" nymph, the pearl diver Kissy Suzuki, search for the villains' hideout in the Kyushu mountains, the feminist girlfriend at last blows a fuse. "Why is that chick running around in a bikini and high heels on a volcano?"