Tokyo: Do you support Japan abandoning nuclear power even if it means increases in electricity prices?

Katsuyoshi Tanaka
“Beer sommelier,” 28 (Japanese)
Even if it’s true that electricity bills will rise, I don’t agree with using nuclear power due to the simple fact that it is not 100 percent safe. And, whilst I don’t have kids yet, I hope to be a father one day, and I don’t want them to grow up in a nuclear-dependent world.

Keika Yu
Self-employed, 33 (Chinese)
I think we should try to decrease our reliance on nuclear power in the wake of what happened two years ago in Fukushima, but admittedly that is difficult to achieve overnight, and all at once, so a step-by-step approach is what’s needed, in my opinion.

Terri Nii
Editor, 50s (American)
I think that a comprehensive, long-term [energy] plan is necessary. While nuclear power may be necessary in the short term, new technologies and the development of alternative energy sources should be explored for the medium and long term.

James Platte
Visiting researcher, 33 (American)
A nuclear phaseout could have significant negative effects on the economy, lead to increased fossil fuel imports and greenhouse gas emissions. I think Japan must strive for balance in its energy policy and not tend to extremes of all-in or all-out for any one source.

Azusa Yano
Housewife, 39 (Japanese)
I agree with going nonnuclear, but it would make my life a little more difficult when bills go up. But that is outweighed by my fear of future accidents. As there are still many people affected by the last accident, we should think of them and move toward cleaner energy quickly.

Ben Beech
Photographer/teacher, 34 (English)
I have become opposed to nuclear power after seeing the devastating effects of the 2011 disaster. But for a resource-poor, import-dependent country, nuclear power seems essential to boost the economy. I just hope the pronuclear Liberal Democratic Party puts safety first.

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