Here's an open secret: Japanese men have a bad international reputation on the romance front. Duh! Global surveys consistently reveal they're pretty low on the list of desired men by Western women, often huddled together at the lower tiers of the pyramid along with Chinese, North Korean and Nigerian men. Sad, sad, sad.

Still, speaking from a Japanese woman's perspective, this is not entirely incomprehensible. While some Japanese men can be absolute dreamboats in business suits, the majority of Nippon danji (true-blue, born-and-bred-in-Japan males) often elicit complaints from their fellow countrywomen, and the list of amorous ailments is long. Very long.

One author has decided to do something about it: Caroline Pover. Having lived in Tokyo since 1996 and brought to the English-language publication scene such notable works as "Being A Broad in Japan: Everything a Western Woman Needs to Survive and Thrive" and the first in her series for women "Ask Caroline," Pover has now come out with the very detailed and extremely instructional "Love With a Western Woman: A Guide for Japanese Men."