I can never remember my mother being younger than 50. I'm sure she was born 50, and married my father at 60. Then they went to a store and bought me when they were both 63.

Even if you know your parents aren't old, something tells you that they are. Heck, they have wrinkles! And grandparents are so old, they're from the annals of ancient history. Grandparents talk about when they were young and show you photos of when they were children, but they never look anything like those photos, so how do you know they're not just pulling one over on you?

When you're young, everyone looks old to you, no matter if they are 50 or 80. But if you don't like the idea of aging, don't come to Japan. Because here, you'll age even faster in a "no one wears shorts after 40" phenomenon. In Japan, they have these unwritten social rules about when you hit certain milestones in age. More than a few older ladies where I live (those over 50) have told me that they'd like to wear dangly pierced earrings, but they can't — people would talk! Talk about what, I'm not sure.