Yokohama: What advantages does Yokohama have over Tokyo?

Toyoko Sakamoto
Company inventory, 37 (Peruvian)
The lifestyle is more expensive in Tokyo when compared to Yokohama. I have a 4-year-old, and Yokohama seems safer, so for the sake of my child Yokohama is better.

Michael Radcliffe
University lecturer, 40 (Australian)
There’s easy access to nature here in Yokohama. There are parks and a beach near to where I live. Tokyo is a wasteland of concrete and despair.

Kuriko Itano
Trainee teacher (Japanese)
We don’t have a Tokyo inferiority complex like other places in Japan. The people are content and have pride in the city. Many new things from abroad came through Yokohama first, like beer and beef.

San Ho Im
Christian mission staff, 36 (Korean)
Yokohama is cheaper and the transportation system is easier. The ocean is close and since I have kids, the zoos are nice. There are also nice attractions like museums and Minato Mirai.

Anna Lilia Iwamoto
Housewife, 37 (Mexican)
Yokohama has both mountains and the ocean. Prices are cheaper here but Tokyo has more attractions. Yokohama has a wider feeling and has more green, while Tokyo seems narrower.

Kazuki Kumagai
Engineer, 32 (Japanese)
My work is close. Kawasaki is where I’m originally from, so I’m used to the area. The sea is close, the parks and zoos are nice and the scenery is enjoyable. It’s easy to live here because it feels safe.

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