What's your opinion of the conversation school industry in Japan?

Elise Ferreira
Translator (Dutch)
Learning English allows people to travel the world and enjoy other cultures more. Language schools are useful, but with the way the schools are now, private lessons may be a better way for students to reach their goals.

Jonas Ronneguard, 23
Language student (Swedish)
I have friends who teach at different language schools. They don’t get paid very well and have to prepare their own lessons. I think that there are currently too many schools and teachers in Japan.

Fumi Akaike, 59
Insurance agent (Japanese)
Students have to pay in advance, which is a big problem. There should be an association that checks the financial situation of all language schools every six months to protect students from losing money.

Tatsuki Kobayashi, 19
Dental assistant (Japanese)
I’m worried about more schools going bankrupt, but I would still study English at one if I had the money. I think one of the best schools is ECC. I’ve heard good things about the company from my friends.

Manuel Gonzalez, 24
Shop staff (Spanish)
Schools aren’t doing so well right now. To stay afloat, schools need to have good teachers and not expand too quickly. Companies need to keep their school numbers small until they can function properly.

Kimihiko Suzuki, 19
Student (Japanese)
We need to study English to get a good job, so there’s a need for language schools. I am a bit weary of them though, as they are not only expensive, but both Nova and Geos have collapsed now.

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