Some quickies:

In reply to the reader looking for a bread bin, ML says that the Tokyu store in the JR Shibuya Station complex on the 7th floor can meet your needs. "You have to order from a catalog, and they come from Germany, but they are available."

Q: Jay asks what percentage of people buy their homes in Japan as opposed to renting.

A: The figure is roughly 60 percent buying to 40 percent renting.

Q: Jo asks for the contact number for the British woman who teaches the Feldenkrais method of movement therapy in Tokyo? ("I lost it, sorry.")

A: You can obtain info and details of classes in Meguro and one-to-one treatments from [email protected].

Q: The White family are coming to Japan en masse for a long vacation, and Granpa was with the U.S. military in Korea in the 1950s. Curious about what it is like now in the South, he is wondering how easy it would be to nip across by ferry to Busan from Shimonoseki?

A: Very easy. The following site tells you all you need to know:

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