What will Japan be like in 10 years' time?

by Louisa Chan

Eriko Matsu
Office worker (Japan)
The population will have decreased, as less people are marrying and having children these days. It’s too expensive to raise kids in Tokyo because of the bad economy.

Jason Goodier, 32
Teacher (Canadian)
I see taxes and service rates going up to help the government pay for pensions. They won’t be able to do it automatically, but slowly, over time, it will increase by at least 5 percent.

Sandy Stehr, 28
Engineer (German)
Japan will always be ahead of Europe technologically. People will have larger home entertainment systems and robots to help them. Life will be easier, with more leisure time.

Andrew Eckel, 34
Corp. trainer (Aussie)
I think young people across Japan will keep moving to Tokyo, so Tokyo will be really dynamic. Other places will be pretty quiet and a lot of villages will just return to nature.

Asagi Iwabuchi, 31
Marketing (Japanese)
I think it’ll be more multicultural. Japan will hire more foreigners, especially Asians, in IT and customer service industries because they’re more skilled and cheaper than Japanese.

Josh Adams, 33
Vet (American)
Japan will be more advanced than other countries. Technology will improve. I imagine there’ll be more space robots that can walk on the moon and get information from other planets.

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