Why is the Kansai region a better place to live than Kanto?


Norihiro Moroishi, 30
Factory worker (Japan)
In the Kansai region old ladies like to give people candies.

Christ Hurst, 27
Teacher (Canada)
Kansai has some of the best cultural landmarks, like Himeji Castle and Kyoto’s temples. Life isn’t as crazy in Kansai, especially when using public transport — people aren’t as aggressive.

Kumiko Moriya
Nurse (Japan)
Our big point is wit. In Tokyo the jokes are not so interesting and the dialect is very strict. Kansai’s dialect is warmer and people enjoy communicating with wit.

Yoshikazu Tanaka, 55
Factory worker (Japan)
Kansai people are more talkative and friendly, whereas Tokyo people don’t really show their opinions or emotions easily.

Tim Heywood, 26
English Teacher (Australia)
In Kansai you get a mixture of modern and new. Kansai just feels more open, and it’s the same for how they talk. It’s also central to the rest of Japan and it’s great for outdoor activities.

Michiyo Kubo
Freelance announcer (Japan)
I’m interested in World Heritage sites and Kansai has a lot. That’s the main difference for me. I like that where I live I can also go sightseeing and enjoy these sights in all seasons.

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